Sailor Jake

Jacobs was a sailor and officer in the merchant marine for several years, sailing on cargo ships, ore carriers, and oil tankers on voyages to Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, South America, India, the Persian Gulf, Japan and the Far East.  Take a look … 

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    On board the SS Cathy bound for India with a full cargo of wheat
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    In the Persian Gulf with a load of crude oil for western Europe
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    The oil tanker SS Transbay at the refinery in Texas.
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    SS Inger in the Panama Canal with a full cargo of raw sugar from Hawaii to Galveston
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    The Kings Point - in dry dock for hull inspection and repairs
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    Inspecting the propeller on the SS Kings Point
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    SS Cathy, entering Panama Canal, eastbound
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    Locking through the Panama Canal
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    Men in the hold unloading raw fertilizer into bags in Bhavnagar, India on the SS Our Lady of Peace
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    The author opening hatches in preparation for loading - on the Cathy
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    Oil terminal in Port Said, Egypt
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    Heavy weather, North Pacific
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    Refueling at Djibouti, French Somaliland
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    On board SS Cathy, heading home from Japan to New Orleans
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    Taking a "shipboard shower" on the Ocean Leader, mouth of the Amazon River
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    Crossing the equator on the SS Marore, taking iron ore to Baltimore (coming from India via the Cape of Good Hope)
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    SS Cathy - five months at sea - 35 thousand miles - Portland with a full cargo of wheat -- Yokohama --- Vizagapatam and Calcutta, India -- Aden -- Suez Canal -- Lisbon taking on a full cargo of fertilizer -- Suez again -- Djibouti -- unloading at Saigon -- Japan -- Panama Canal -- New Orleans
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    The John B -- no, not the Sloop John B, but the John B Waterman, flagship of the Waterman Steamship Corporation
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    In New Orleans, loading cotton bales on the John B, bound for Europe.
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    Winter, North Atlantic on a good day.
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    The ore carrier, SS Marore -- leaving Durban, South Africa
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    Joining the southbound convoy to transit the Suez Canal.